About Bloggy.AI

Hello, my name is Benjamin Ogden.

I’ve been developing websites since 2001.

In 2007 I started developing a social network on thoughts.com.

Now in 2023, I’ve started my latest and best creation yet, Bloggy AI.

Bloggy.AI is a free WordPress blogging platform & social networking platform powered by artificial intelligence software.

Bloggy members have free ai tools to use to help them create better content at a faster pace.

Try the Bloggy Free AI Text Generator to write stories, get answers, and learn about all sorts of interesting topics that grab your attention using AI.

If you’re feeling creative and artistic I encourage you to try using both of our free ai art generator tools I’ve added to Bloggy.AI.

There is no charge to use to use these powerful artificial intelligence based software solutions that can help you be a better blogger.

On Bloggy its also fun to meet new people that are like-minded, which you might not have met in ordinary life otherwise.

Artists will fall in love with the Bloggy AI Art Gallery where the latest AI generated images from the Bloggy community are posted.

Fair warning: Creating AI Art images can become addicting. Take it from me lol.

Once you get started its as if you’ve officially entered the rabbits hole. You’re not sure when it changed, but it changed!

I’m here to help people learn how to benefit and profit off of the incoming AI revolution.

I have the same online love spirit with Bloggy that I first did with thoughts.com back in 2007.

Technology was not there yet.

Today its completely here.

I hope to share some of my life’s lessons with you along the journey that you’re experiencing.

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