Nigel the Naan

Bloggy AI:: Nigel the Naan bread was a brave and daring soul. He had a mission: to prove that a curry was worthless without a good naan bread to go with it. He set out on his quest, determined to show the world that a curry was nothing without a good naan bread. He traveled …

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Charlie the Chilli

Bloggy AI::Charlie the Chilli was a brave little pepper who had a mission: to make people appreciate the heat that a chilli provides in food. He was determined to show the world that chillies could be more than just a garnish or a topping. Charlie set off on his quest, travelling far and wide to …

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BloggyAI Creative AI Chatbot

Let’s Play a Game Called “Creative AI Chatbot”

Creative AI Chatbot Game Rules The first person starts by entering a text prompt on the Bloggy.AI free ai text generator and creative chatbot. They enter this text prompt First Prompt: Write a creative 200 word story about: [enter the ideas you want the Bloggy AI chatbot to write about here]. Then press enter. Next, …

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