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Bloggy.AI provides you with this free to use GPT-3 text generator AI content based on OpenAI’ls large language model generative pre-trained transformers (GPT).

Try using this free AI tool to create sticky blog topics, generate social media posts and write long form blog articles.

Bloggy AI Chatbot

Enter precisely what you want your information to be about. You can ask it a question or tell it to write something specific.

Use lots of adjectives and explain things to the details such as telling the Bloggy AI Chatbot who it is.

I usually give it my background story and tell it literally: “you are an expert blackjack player that has played the game for 28 years. You are also an online casino & internet marketing affiliate expert of 23 years having reviewed thousands of online casinos since 2001 when you first started writing personal casino reviews”.

Now, Write a “an expert’s review of casino xzy and include the bonus information and customer service details.”

Being real specific with them helps them (the AI systems) better understand your needs and be able to accurately deliver you the quality content your websites needs.

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Good Bloggy AI Chatbot Prompts: use a combination of chatbot prompts to generate tailored topical content.

  • Write in first person using you and I
  • Include the Pros and Cons
  • Casino XZY Review Summary
  • Explain 25 AI business opportunities for the next decade
  • Please note that your conversations will be recorded.

  • Bloggy AI: Hello human, I am a GPT3 powered AI chat bot. Ask me anything!

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