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Bloggy.AI Comments

By leaving comments on our site, visitors provide us with data from the comment form as well as an IP address and browser user agent string. Furthermore, we may also share a hashed version of your email address with Gravatar to access any profile picture associated with you in order for it to be visible alongside your comment once approved. For more information about their privacy policy please follow this link:

Bloggy.AI Media

To ensure the privacy of website visitors, we recommend avoiding uploading images with location information attached. Doing so could permit others to access and extract private data from pictures present on our site.

Bloggy.AI Cookies

By leaving a comment on our site you’re giving us permission to store your details in cookies, so that the next time around it’ll be smoother sailing. These cookies will last for one year, and all visitor login data is kept secure by temporary cookie storage with no personal information stored. Login credentials are saved up to two weeks if you choose “Remember Me”, however they do expire after two days if unused or when manually logged out of an account securely.

It’s easy to make sure your published articles are secure—simply accept the cookie stored in your browser after you edit or publish an article. This special cookie has no personal data but does store information that helps protect posts for up to 24 hours!

Embedded content from other websites

With articles on this site, you may come across embedded content such as videos and images. What’s more is that when viewing these items they are in effect the same as if you were visiting their original website. It should be noted however, that those sites could possibly collect data about visitors or deploy cookies to track your interactions with them – especially if a user has an account which is already logged in whilst browsing said websites!

Who we share your data with

If you request a password reset, your IP address will be included in the reset email.

How long Bloggy.AI retains your data

Your interactions with our website are securely stored to provide you the most personalized and efficient experience. If you leave a comment, it will be retained indefinitely so that all future posts from your account require no additional moderation. Additionally, for registered users who choose to do so we store information provided in their profiles—which can also conveniently be edited or deleted at any time courtesy of user control options except for username changes.. Website administrators additionally have access to this data ensuring maximum safety and security on our platform!

Rights you have over your data

Our site allows users to control how their personal data is used. By creating an account or leaving comments, you can request a download of the information we have collected about you and choose to erase this same data; exceptions are made if necessary for legal security requirements.

Where your data is sent

WordPress leverages the powerful Akismet service to detect and reject potential spam comments before they reach your website.