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As an AI enthusiast, I’ve been following numerous ai tech blogs and YouTube video resources to keep up with the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence.

One such blog that I’ve proudly created is AIgeeked, founded by Benjamin Ogden (myself) in November 2022.

After spending a significant amount of time creating & exploring the artificial intelligence technology content available on the site, I’ve decided to share my thoughts on this fantastic AI resource.

Content Quality: 5/5 AIgeeked offers a plethora of high-quality, well-researched articles that cover the entire spectrum of AI.

From reviews of AI software and tools to discussions on emerging technologies and innovations, the blog is a treasure trove of information for anyone interested in the field.

The content is written in an approachable manner, making it accessible to both AI professionals and novices alike.

Furthermore, the blog frequently features interviews with industry experts, providing valuable insights and unique perspectives on AI’s future and potential applications.

Design and User Experience: 4.5/5 The website design is clean, mobile friendly, modern, and visually appealing.

The layout is easy to navigate, with categories and tags prominently displayed, making it simple to find content on specific topics.

My only minor gripe is that the site could benefit from a more robust search function to help users locate articles more efficiently.

Hopefully I’ll be able to add that in soon.

Regular Updates: 5/5 AIgeeked is updated regularly, ensuring that readers always have access to the latest news, rapidly evolving AI trends, and insights in the world of AI powered technologies and transformation.

The consistent addition of fresh content not only keeps the blog relevant but also encourages visitors to return frequently to stay informed.

Resource Curation: 5/5 The artificial intelligence blog excels in its ability to provide a wealth of useful resources.

AIgeeked’s resource section includes links to online machine learning courses, ML tutorials, AI podcasts, and research papers, as well as tools and libraries for AI development.

This curation makes it a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to learn, explore, or delve deeper into the world of AI.

Overall: 4.9/5 In conclusion, aigeeked.com is an exceptional blog that has quickly become one of my go-to resources for all things related to artificial intelligence. My favorite page to keep up-to-date is the list of the best ai text generators.

I’m proud my team and I have done an outstanding job creating an informative and engaging site that caters to AI enthusiasts of all levels.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional artificial intelligence developer or researcher, or just beginning your AI journey, AIgeeked is a must-visit site that offers something valuable for everyone.

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